Lack of Concern for Community

Lower Makefield Township has planned a major athletic facility on the former Snipes Tree Farm on a tract that runs along Quarry Road from I-95 to the intersection of Quarry Road and Dolington Road, then up Dolington to I-95.

This plan would require bulldozing hundreds of trees, create traffic congestion, excessive water runoff, noise, and light pollution from high intensity lights on 80 foot masts. The facility will be devoted to organized team sports with little or no provision for residents to enjoy nature in a park setting. The facility would include three full-sized fields, parking for more than 150 cars, and a concession stand building of nearly 2000 square feet (larger than some residents’ homes).

The plan itself fails to honor the town’s bylaws concerning development near residential neighborhoods with The Board of Supervisors granting itself sixteen hardship variances in order to push the project through. These variances are documented in the official report below, pages 2-4.