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TRUST is a grassroots group of LMT residents and taxpayers who support the reasonable use of the Snipes Tract, located at Creamery & Quarry Roads across from Quarry Hill Elementary School. The existing Snipes Tract field development plan is expensive ($2 million +), excessive, and unnecessary.

Fiscal Concerns:

  • LMT sewer fix @ $40 million plus = increased debt
  • LMT current debt $34 million with debt service over $1 million/yr
  • LMT 30% increase in sewer bill in 2018
  • LMT 8.6% property tax increase in 2018
  • LMT crumbling infrastructure; road repairs/Sandy Run Road Closure $???

Lack of Demonstrated Need:

  • No current LMT needs analysis
  • Over 60 athletic fields currently available in LMT; many underutilized
  • Declining population of participating age group
  • Up to 45% of participants NON-LMT residents

Conflicts of interest:

  • Project fails to comply with LMT ordinances
  • Lighting heights in excess of 20ft. (80ft. lights proposed)
  • Insufficient” traffic study per LMT Traffic Board
  • Antiquated” water retention plan per LMT Environmental Board
  • Destruction of woodlands (woodlands as defined by LMT ordinance)

Negative Environmental Impact:

  • Excessive size and scope of current plan
  • Sets precedent for over-building in quiet neighborhoods
  • Increased traffic/noise and light pollution
  • Fertilizers, herbicides & pesticides needed to maintain Snipes fields in heavy deer area
  • Snipes parcel geologically challenged versus other underutilized fields (bedrock close to surface requiring significant reclamation costs)

This is the Snipes tract after hundreds of trees are bulldozed and $2,000,000 of your taxes have been spent on a major, unnecessary sports complex!

Proposed Plan


Lack of Concern for Community

Lower Makefield Township has planned a major athletic facility on the former Snipes Tree Farm on a tract that runs along Quarry Road from I-95 to the intersection of Quarry Road and Dolington Road, then up Dolington to I-95.

This plan would require bulldozing hundreds of trees, create traffic congestion, excessive water runoff, noise, and light pollution from high intensity lights on 80 foot masts. The facility will be devoted to organized team sports with little or no provision for residents to enjoy nature in a park setting. The facility would include three full-sized fields, parking for more than 150 cars, and a concession stand building of nearly 2000 square feet (larger than some residents’ homes).

The plan itself fails to honor the town’s bylaws concerning development near residential neighborhoods with The Board of Supervisors granting itself sixteen hardship variances in order to push the project through. These variances are documented in the official report below, pages 2-4.


Fiscal Irresponsibility

The Township has undertaken a greatly increased debt load, having issued a $15,000,000 sewer bond. The Township’s debt service is budgeted at nearly $1,000,000 for 2018. Residential taxes and millages have also increased. With the costs rising, we MUST consider and prioritize our vital needs: improving a deteriorating infrastructure, especially our roads and sewer systems. These are items that we need EVERY DAY!
Sewer rates are projected to rise 14% even as the Board of Supervisors obligated the Township to pay over $2,000,000 for an ACT 537 plan upgrade to the YARDLEY BOROUGH sewer system. 

Finally, there has been no study that has demonstrated the need for such a major development on the Snipes Tract, particularly in light of the declining population of the Township, projected to drop over 3% by 2020. In fact, it’s been documented that the township already has a surplus of athletic fields, based on our population.

The Township needs to hear from all of us RIGHT NOW that we do not need or want another expensive, environmentally questionable, unjustified construction project like the Snipes Tract plan. 

How You Can Get Involved

  • Contribute to the Snipes Tract Defense Fund on
    GoFundMe.com. Our goal is $20,000, but any contribution is
  • Write to the Board of Supervisors and your local

    John B. Lewis
    Chairman of the Board
    Phone: 267-274-1143
    Email: jlewis@lmt.org

    Fredric K. Weiss
    Vice Chairman
    Phone: 267-274-1146
    Email: fweiss@lmt.org

    Kristin Tyler
    Email: ktyler@lmt.org

    Daniel R. Grenier
    Phone: 267-274-1191

    Email: dgrenier@lmt.org

    Suzanne S. Blundi
    Phone: 267-274-1145
    Email: sblundi@lmt.org

  • Write to your local newspapers.
  • Display a TRUST lawn sign in your yard.
  • Share this information with your neighbors.
  • Become involved. Contact us at lmttrust.org@gmail.com